Gangsters of America


America is a great place. No seriously , its like the most amazing place you could live on earth. Because no matter your background or creed, you have somewhat of an opportunity to do anything with your life that you please….change it and develop an entirely new persona. And the reason I said somewhat is because there are things that obviously make things easier for some and harder for others (Gender, economic conditions, etc.) . But thats whats “gangster” about being an American. We all have power to change things. Especially Jay-Z. You can can read here and here and find a thorough track by track review of his new album “American Gangster” that was inspired by the above pictured movie of the same name starring Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington. So I know you don’t come to the morris Kode for Album reviews : ) Of course the album is brilliant, of course Jay’s flow, delivery and wordplay is amazing, we KNOW that ( no one can be more happier than me to see P. Diddy and The Hitmen making hits together again….click here for one of their all time best in my opinion). I don’t think fans will be disappointed, and if they are they are over-analyzing who many call the greatest rapper of all time. My point , as those who know me know, is always much deeper than that. What impressed me was how Jay allows us to get into the mindset of a Gangster of America. Jay takes us on a complete journey in this album, something that I have not seen in a hip hop release in a very long time. It allows me to see the hope, dream, and downfall of illegal (and sometimes legal) American gangsters. What is amazing is this same soundtrack could accompany the lives of the Enron leaders, the Tyco leaders, and so on and so forth in corporate America. Use this cd as a blueprint of how affluent life is often attained in this country, and the perils and success and possible downfall that comes with it. Think outside the mind of hiphop and understand that America breeds an environment of gangster mentality and aspiration, from the competition in school to the workplace we all are navigating the way we can produce and control a product to better the lives of those around us. After listening to the cd, make sure to buy the following two books – here and here , so that you can not only let the music give you what could go wrong…but you need the anecdote of what could go right and how to do it. But it sure is great to vicariously live through Hovito to see the other side of the game…from the streets to the boardroom…only gangsters in America.

And honestly for Jay-Z, there is nothing more gangster than changing the world.


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